Re-Started One. Welcome!

Final attempt to bring this blog to life. What a hell? Let's do it again!

Personally, I have to admit — I have never thought I will start a web design blog again.

You know why most of the web design blogs are filled with crap? It is because the process is boring! You have to search for a suitable topic. To analyze it. To make a post. To think. As result, after a while everything ends up with re-posting or free stuff hot linking.

My point is — there are actually not so many things to write about. Tips and tricks? Thank you very much! Google will blow up soon gathering all this material. Icons and graphics? Not again, no way! Guidelines and trends? Well maybe. Almost sounds like a good idea.

This time I will try to do a better job. I will try to "just write". If it will be a progress report — so be it! Some processes explanation — so be it! Funny joke or story — good enough for me. All kind of stuff from the previous paragraph — not sure, probably during hangover. We will see it later as time goes by.

Anyway, for the past couple of years many things have been changed a lot. First year in Canada was tough. Couple of unfinished tasks there, couple of new here. New place, new people, new emotions was mixed with an old life and I cannot say that I liked this mixture. At some point, I stopped and said enough. I have finished all my activities in Russia — all my efforts now is focused on Greater Vancouver, Coquitlam and Tri-Cities Area.

I have redesigned the Deridex Studio website. I have decided to make some necessary changes to company policy. I have upgraded server-side part and updated my own CMS system.

While there is nothing to say about new design studio website — you are here already, I have to explain new policies and share the information about our improved technical components. Since the explanation expected to be long, I will do it in the next entry of this re-started web design blog.

Welcome everybody! Have a nice ride!

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