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As I have promised in my previous post here, today we will talk about new web studio policies and our improved technical components. One follows another and both of the things depends on one another. I cannot split these topics into the two different entries, so it will be a long story. Let us start with the technical improvement part, which is simpler to explain.

During restructuring process, I have decided to go with some expenses and now we have another, much more powerful and reliable server. I could offer up to 3Tb space with 64 GB RAM onboard without any hesitation. Well, I would not do it, but it is pleasingly to know that I can. The bigger — the better. Now, with all websites hosted we can eat up to 1.5% of total servers’ resources.

With the new system up and running, we can offer you very easy to set-up and maintain SSL connections. Email services. And, the most sweetest part, SMS services for you and convenience for your clients.

Let us go to the next improvement — our content management system Deridex Admin and its fourth incarnation. Since 3.5 version, there are many changes. You see, CMS design differs from website design. Being a big conservative person, I prefer to use proven solutions and avoid unnecessary innovations. If it works, let it work. Same policy was used during development of DA 4.0.

So, what was changed? First, I have decided to create nice-looking CMS — appearance was re-designed and now it is trendy and easier to use. Most of the actions was rewritten and optimized to work with AJAX, so it became faster and surprisingly much more stable.

For the time being basic Deridex Admin CMS 4.0, consist of following modules:

  • content page editing module (two page levels by default);
  • feedback module (with database archive and notifications);
  • news module;
  • blog module (similar to this one, but with comments);
  • e-commerce module (shopping cart, order history, payments and so on);
  • photo albums module;
  • user registration module (with registration through your website and social media: Facebook, Twitter and Google+ by default);
  • settings module.

It is important to remember that basic configuration is only a framework, nothing more. Our CMS is never been planned as a system able to work out of the box. Why? Well, I do not believe in magic. During my activities, I have created over 200 different projects in the internet and almost every one of them was a little different from another.

Website CMS, if we are talking about serious approach, is like a man's suit — even if you find one that fits, it is always better to adjust it a bit. Same here — you cannot have modules which are answer everyone's needs. This way you will end up trying to cram inside the "ready to use" module all your wishes and plans. My way of doing good CMS is by extending its functionality and usability. Making it unique, excellent for the goals you have set. Of course, in this case, probably nobody else will be able to use your unique modules with 100% efficiency.

Overall, Deridex Admin 4.0 is simple in its default version but advanced at the finish line.

Next part is about new policies. Taking into account all previous narrative about the server and CMS, of course.

First, I have decided to start my relationship with WordPress alongside Deridex Admin. Do not get me wrong, I did not fall in love with WordPress, but now I use it for small projects, such as business card websites or template websites. Nothing fancy — cheap but good, fast and simple. Although I do not recommend to use it for commercial oriented and corporate websites. Deridex Studio's standard support offer stays in effect in this case. More about it below.

Because of the new server and technical equipment, our support offer for new clients was significantly expanded. Now we offer one year of free hosting with unlimited database and website space instead of 10 GB. Now we keep fourteen copies of your website backups (it is two weeks) instead of two days. Now we provide SSL and SMS assistance for a small additional fee. Same thing applies for our support plan for existing clients who order any kind of website support services from us after one free year is past.

Finally, because of the new equipment and WordPress, we have new charity policy. For non-profit and charity organizations we offer free website services and website hosting. All you need to get a new WordPress site is to show us your intentions in business.

What a large article about tiny things I wrote today! Turn out to be too official. It is as if I am lecturing you — boring routine, but it has to be done. Especially when I was sure that some new stuff should have be explained.

Almost forgot to mention. I have received a funny letter recently — will talk about it next time.

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