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Getting used to CRA? Be careful then.

I have received a funny letter a couple of days ago. When I opened a mailbox and saw an envelope there, I was sure — it is another CRA letter about some stuff. They love to send different kind of letters with and without any sense. I was wrong. Letter was from Domain Registry of Canada. It was very good created advertisement. Way to official to ignore, with a good brand name in the right place. It was looking exactly as a government letter. Same font and colors, same paper.

Inside I have found a domain name expiration notice about one of my domains. Letter inside the envelope was also designed to be very official. What a dirty trick. Really! Being working in the industry for last 15 years I was stunned for a couple of seconds. How? What could happen with my domain? Official envelope, send us back your check. No cash inside, please. All kinds of this “official” stuff, you know.

After I have read it, I was really laughing. First, because I have found myself stupid enough to be caught with this letter for a little bit. Secondly, because of the prices announced. $40 CAD per year right near "best savings" sentences. Thirdly, because of the form at the bottom of the letter. After I have stopped crying, I have decided to write this article.

Why? Because this kind of letters was not created for me. The person like me can smile a little and throw the letter away. Other people, who knows little about how our industry works, they are the targets. This letter reminded me about Nigerian scam letters. Only this time it was Canadian — a little bit more official, from Ontario. Form attached below the letter wanted me to write down all my data, email address, credit card number, and its expiration date. Nicely done.

Unfortunately, they have messed up with their own website. Of course, I visited it. It is also pretending to be official Canadian government site, but very far away from it. I am sure they could do better. At lease, they can fix text margins...

Anyhow… Never go with all this kind stuff. Research everything by yourself. Personally, I know only one reliable domain registrar in North America. I am sure you know it too. I am talking about Go Daddy. No ads here, really. Any ".ca" domain costs about $9.99 CAD per year. Same policy applies to ".com", ".net" and other domain zones. Not $40 per year. And totally not $50, as some people around eager to demand.

Even if you want to take your chances, at least ask me for a consultation! I do not bite and do not charge for simple questions. Please, try not to get in a dirty situation and pay for it.

As for an advertising letters with official looks — show me the guy, who'll ban this kind of technique officially and I'll be first who'll vote for him. In case if it is not banned already.

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