Why bother?

Why sometimes truck drivers are smarter than business owners are.

How is your summer so far? It is going great at my side and I hope you have the same feelings. Cannot say I want to work in these circumstances, but business is business, no matter how good the summer is. If you do not do anything, you do not get anything. Even to win in the lottery you need to lift your ass, go somewhere and purchase a ticket. In other words in any situation you should invest something before you could receive any dividends. Most of business owners know this hypothesis very well. Surprisingly, but many of them do not consider website as a real business investment.

Just imagine. Self-employed truck driver, who does not consider his truck as an important investment. Really why bother? Even better — take a dentist as an example. Why bother to rent a space, hire an assistant and purchase very expensive equipment if we can manage things with pliers? Stupid? Absolutely! In any situation, people tend to use best available tools. Well, almost in any situation. I have no idea why, but with websites, situation is terrible. People does not recognize website as a tool. Online business card with phone and address — that is maximum, what they can imagine. They are absolutely wrong and misguided when a digital system is used as simple stone to crack nuts! Further, I will try to explain why.

Couple of years ago I had a client who was (and still is) an owner of the company producing some kind of measurement equipment for oil refineries and oil transport. Do you know what this means? It is a Klondike! The river of money. Keeping all this in mind, we have talked about website pricing with this person a couple of weeks. Having monthly turnover around $500k, he wanted to save — read carefully — $400 bucks on search engine optimization. Four hundred dollars! He succeed in his quest, he saved the money. He declined to pay for a copywriting and SEO. He declined to get website support or hire a person to update it. Public relations through social media? You must be joking! Of course not, why bother? Problem is that the result is shitty, but who cares? Definitely not him.

Was this person greedy? Of course he was. Why? Because he was a businessperson who did not realize the power of the dark side benefits, which website could bring to his business. He did not listen, because, he was sure he knew enough. Convenience of his clients and dealers? Who cares? Brand image? What does it mean, anyways? It was a rich person with serious business running. Same with starters and small business owners. I know a bunch of people who are trying to save a couple of coins and go offshore. Oh yeah, they do a cheap job, but with what results? Results are the same — pliers instead of the dental equipment. No anesthetization included. A carriage instead of the Kenworth truck.

Results of these actions are revealing. Ninety eight percent of a websites in the internet are dead since opening. The best way to destroy your business image is to save on convenience of your clients. Why do you think that with the website you are allowed to treat people like this? Things online work the same way as in real life. Show your visitors respect with an up-to-date and professionally designed website. Share with them all the information you can. Interact online and in social media. Make them feel comfortable and cared. Promote yourself! Only after all these things are done — results will come. In worst case, you will get some data to analyze.

Almost any website could be an important and interactive instrument for almost any type of business. Do not think of your website as about another checkmark in a list. Do not make important decisions based on lack of knowledge, misjudgment and greed. Website is the one of your primary investments. It is your online 24/7 office.

In following articles, I will explain more about websites and web design industry. I want you to understand what website price is and how we calculate it. What budget should you have for different situations? What is social media and how to use it? How do we work and why do we do it the way we do. And probably many more things about web design. Stay tuned!

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