Our Own Content Management System Redesign — Version 4.0.

CMS Deridex Admin 4.0

Our Own Content Management System Redesign — Version 4.0.


Upgrade Deridex Admin Content Management System to current technology level. Upgrade CMS graphic component, standard modules, and database. Implement different interactive features for website administrators.

Technologies Used

Content Management System Description

In general, Deridex Admin CMS represents our vision of how the website CMS should look and feel like. It should be extremely convenient for users, which means easy to work with, fast responding, and standard in basics but customizable in details.

Fourth version of our CMS was completely rewritten from inside and outside to make it even more convenient, stable and faster.


Basing on particular customer's needs, our CMS could be equipped with different modules. All modules were created to be customizable, because different businesses has different needs.

Below you can find a complete list of modules we can install to the CMS Deridex Admin 4.0.

Home Page Editor

Allows administrators to change information on the home page of your website. Usable for websites with exclusive graphic templates or in cases, when a home page is built as a landing page.

Content Page Editor

CMS module, which gives administrators ability to add, edit or delete website sections and pages. Pages and sections could be moved or rearranged the way required.

This sophisticated module was created keeping in mind a search engine optimization and allows you to edit all web page contents, including texts and media data, page headers, meta-tags, keywords and descriptions.

Website Feedback System

Standard feedback system module, which uses database to store all messages sent by visitors using feedback forms and contact page on the website.

Basic feedback system can be configured to send notifications about new messages to different e-mail addresses. In addition, website administrators can setup auto-reply messages for visitors. Advanced feedback configuration allows administrators to send notifications about new messages straight to the administrator’s cell phone, using SMS gateway.

In addition, website feedback system is ready to use customized graphic templates in e-mails.

Email Subscription System

Keep in touch with your customers. Remind them about your business using email subscription system. Subscription system is easily customizable and supports HTML templates, which can be configured according to your overall image.

User management module allows you add or edit subscribers list manually along with ability for any subscriber to unsubscribe at any time by clicking a special hyperlink in the newsletter or entering email to subscription box at the website for the second time.

News Module
Blogger Module
Photo Albums
Portfolio Presentation Pages
E-Commerce System
Project Tracking Module with Task Manager
User Registration System

Set of tools allowing visitors to register at your website and gain access to user-restricted areas if necessary. System allows visitors to register using their login and password, or sign in using their social networks account. By default, we user registration system supports Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn accounts.

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